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"To Rhodec students: Don't ever give up!"

Wayne Silver, UK:

"Embarking on my Rhodec course coincided with my being at a complete career crossroads. Over the 3 years I have felt extremely motivated to carry on and this is encouraged by the modular nature of the course. Overall, I think I can safely say that I am absolutely over the moon that I decided to take the course; I am thrilled to bits with my qualifications and I am really excited at the prospect of a career in interior design ahead.

青草青永久在线"My Mum, Dad and partner are very proud of me! I have obtained other qualifications in the past but this is the first one that has given me a real sense of self-worth and a real vision of a new career opportunity ahead of me which I feel very equipped to tackle: I am just starting the project of refurbishing my new home which is a farmhouse and barn built in 1605 and last converted in the 70s.

"The course has been administered brilliantly and has made the concept of a correspondence course very real.

"Thanks, Rhodec!"

Aleksandra Zablotni-Schantz, Canada:

"I pursued an Interior Design Diploma through Rhodec International after completing a Bachelor's Degree in Management and International Development. The creative field of design was one I was always passionate about, but it made most sense logistically and financially to complete the Diploma through correspondence, while working full-time.

青草青永久在线"During my last year of study, I approached an to complete a self-administered 'internship'. One thing led to another and once I completed my Diploma I was offered a full-time position. Over the past 6 years, with a lot of hard work and dedication, I advanced through the ranks from Junior to Intermediate and most recently to a Senior Interior Design position. To date, I've had the opportunity to lead and design major new-construction and renovation projects in the residential, commercial and hospitality fields. Some of my favourite projects include unique concept restaurants, medical clinics, a control room for a major industrial facility, visitor centres for the provincial government as well as countless timber-frame and 'mountain-modern' residential new-build homes. In addition to work throughout the provinces of Alberta, British Columbia and Saskatchewan, I've had the opportunity to take on projects in Las Vegas and Santa Barbara, California. At any given time, I manage 12-25 projects (depending on size and scope) and further work in new business development, marketing and project management.

"My Rhodec Diploma has certainly opened up a very important door into an incredibly creative, fast-paced and satisfying career with a highly-regarded firm. The courses provided an important foundation in design knowledge which, coupled with a lot of practical experience and ongoing education, has been a key to my personal success.

青草青永久在线"My next professional goal will be pursuing my NCIDQ certification, which I have just applied for."

Fiona Evans, UK:

"After graduating from Rhodec with Distinction I completed the Interior Design with Technology degree course at The London Metropolitan University, full time for a year and achieved a 2:1 Bachelor's Degree.

Following work experience with Limited Editions Interior Design Consultants in Storrington, Sussex I took on a small franchise with them working from home. I obtained an associate membership of BIID. After five years with Limited Editions I am still working from home for Cuckfield Interiors, my own company. The website is .

I have also been writing interior design articles contributing to Cuckfield Life, a local magazine for a number of years"

Margareth Cilia, Malta:

"I graduated back in June 2012 and have since set up my own Interior Design Studio in Malta. I have established a portfolio of customers which is growing at a steady pace. My customers range from first-time buyers to renovations, rentals and block constructions.

"My Rhodec experience has broadened my knowledge in fields which were unfamiliar such as the diversity of finish materials which is ever growing and the detail of construction which, although much different in Malta, has helped me to ask the right questions and point out elements which would enhance the holistic approach of the design to architects and service providers.

"Rhodec has also helped in developing my sense of creativity and boosted morale with positive comments that were received throughout my three years of study.

"I had never held a drafting pen in my hand prior to my Rhodec experience and was about to give up after my first assignment! But thanks to tutor support at the time I was encouraged to try harder and I am glad I did!"

Vanessa Strange, USA:

"I think you have an excellent program. I've attended two supposedly "top" colleges in the US, and honestly your curriculum, organization, and depth of material were superior to much of what was presented at either of these."

Orsolya Suveg, UK:

"I would like to thank all the tutors who helped me through these years, and of course the school and its system which always allow to have a second chance, just in case. "My overall experience with the subjects was really great. I had great fun and joy during these years and I will definitely suggest the school to all who are seeking for studying interior design."

Jenny Didas, USA:

"I was living overseas in Saudi Arabia when I completed the Rhodec program. It took a lot of hard work and self discipline to move through the project assignments. Upon my return to the USA, I gained immediate employment as an Interior Designer for a large construction firm.

"I now have my own design firm, Design Forum, which specializes in interior planning for new residential construction. Recently, I was accepted as an Allied Member of the American Society of Interior Designers. I have complete creative freedom by operating from an office in my home. My research and attendance at trade shows has led to an extensive design library which is available to my clients. I communicate with local builders via the internet and meet them at the construction sites to work out interior details. I could not dream of a better career than this!"

Beatrice Migneco, Malta:

"My experience at Rhodec was great. I have worked for seven years as an Interior Designer within a local shop plus doing freelance work, but recently I took the plunge to leave my job and set up on my own full time."


Amanda Woolis, UK:

"Studying at Rhodec gave me the confidence and skills to continue my studies at the NDA and I have just gained a BA in Interior Design."

Alix Lattey, New Zealand:

青草青永久在线"Thank you so much for the great final mark!

I think it has been good to do the courses at several stages of my career, and now that I have just done the final assignment at the age I now am, I have been able to bring together a lot of life experience into the project.

青草青永久在线I have worked as an interior designer over the years and in the last 10 years have also become an architectural designer and now am leading the team which processes building consents for our local council. I get to see all the buildings going up in our area.

I still have several interior design clients, not least of which is the Council, and I am going to be redesigning our Council chambers in the new year. It has been great doing the Rhodec course. We are so isolated here in NZ regarding design and having access to the learning from Europe, especially the history of design, has been hugely beneficial .

青草青永久在线Once again, thank you.

Solange Lauthier, France:

"I am only half way through the Associate Diploma Course but I want to tell you that I am already delighted: the course is interesting, challenging and good value for money."

Roger Dimapilis, Saudi Arabia:

"Having a full time job, with my family here in Saudi Arabia took a lot of patience. I had to deprive myself of a few luxuries, but it was worth it. At last I can relax now and reward myself.

青草青永久在线"Thanks Rhodec for helping me to attain this goal. Looking forward to practice this profession with pride."

Fatema Alibhai, Uganda:

"My experience at Rhodec was amazing. The teachers were quick to respond to numerous questions and the service was great throughout.

"I was practising in the interior design field until I had a baby which put a halt on the work. However now I'm planning on managing a website that benefits the interior design community in Uganda by allowing users to find products and services available in their locality. With this goal in mind we are soon to launch our website which will connect and also educate homeowners on what interior design and design tools can help them finalize their decisions."

Marion Clare, Canada:

"I graduated with a Rhodec Diploma and ran my own interior design business in England until I moved to Canada. Before I emigrated I was offered a position as an associate designer with a presitigious interior design company here in Victoria. I worked with them for around six months and then set up my own company, and have been steadily busy with most of my clients coming from referrals.

青草青永久在线"I enclose a copy of my brochure which I hope may be of interest as I know you always like to hear about the progress of your students.

"My training seems to be of an unusually high standard here and I am frequently asked where I studied. I will always be grateful to Rhodec for my thorough education in interior design. Keep up the good work."

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